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Structured wiring for MDU and residential construction

Complete your new or existing home with state of the art wiring by qualified professionals.  Our technicians are experienced in all phases of construction and insured for your protection.  We perform the simplest to the most complex installations for cable, phone, data, sound, fire and security.  We also service all Dish network and Direct TV systems.  Give us a call today for all your installation needs!

Many times in our business we have observed individuals installing low voltage lines along with electrical lines.  If a general contractor hires a regular electrician to install the low voltage lines, chances are they do not have the current specs on what is needed to satisify the new technology.  Often as soon as the new home owner moves in they want something wired in a place thats not accessable.  This can lead to costly post-wire construction and a frustruated new home owner.


 Satellite installation needs 3 main lines for international programming
 Placing a plastic conduit in stratigic locations through the home can save hundreds of dollars in post wire costs to the homeowner
 All cable, phone and satellite systems need to be grounded
 Putting a network box close to a ground source will eliminate an ugly green line on the outside of a customers home
 Installing network boxes in the garage area makes modifications more accessable
 The costs to correct of all these potential problems is usually less than a hundred bucks

Preferred Communications Wiring Standards for New Construction

Local telephone and telecommunications service providers have requested that new homes in the DFW area  (including multifamily, zero-lot and single-family residences) be wired to accommodate broadband connections throughout the home. The advantages of wiring a home in this fashion are many, including benefits for the homeowner in facilitating cable TV, voice, and data (internet) services from a variety of telecommunications providers.

Although the current code is not requiring new construction to be wired in this manner, we do encourage builders to consider the resale potential of offering homes that are equipped for the latest communication technologies.

Below are some of the advantages of wiring homes in this way.

  1. To be able to utilize voice, high speed data and video services offered by a variety of providers
  2. To ensure the capability of broadband service delivery (in addition to voice or dial-up internet) throughout all location of the living quarters
  3. To improve salability of homes; the ability to market housing as ready for future technologies
  4. To increase the value of a new home by 1-2%, with a cost of under 1000.00 to do the work correctly
  5. To maximize the flexibility of residents' telecommunications options, whether they are delivered to the home on copper, fiber optic or coaxial cable

The recommended wiring structure includes the following (see diagram):

  • Outdoor phone protector (for fiber optic connection)
  • A 110 volt AC outlet at or near the termination point in the home
  • Two (2) Cat-5 and one (1) RG6 coaxial cables from room plate to distribution point (such as in garage or storage closet or master bedroom closet
  • Two (2) Cat-5 and one (1) RG6 coaxial cables from distribution point to each communication location in the home
  • Each outlet in the home should have dedicated cabling from the distribution point ("home run"). Wiring from outlets should not piggy-back to other outlets (outdated looped systems)
  • Communication locations should be considered for telephones, televisions and personal computers
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